3D Monopoly

3D Monopoly rendered realtime in the browser. Uses WebGL and sockets to relay moves.

A 3D printing startup that renders in browser in real time. WebGL and Rails.
Octopus Slap

Inspired by eelslap.com, this site allows you to slap Internetainer Rhett with an octopus.
Starcraft UMass

This was a tournament website for UMass. Written in PHP.

This website provides resources on rooting various specific models of Android phones, as well as a developer API.
Color Magic Alpacas

Website done for Alpaca business in Normandy, TN.
VGM's Backpack

Website for downloads and information on tinkering with video games.
Web Portfolio

Web Portfolio compiled offline with Python and dynamically loads content through AJAX.
Daily Scott Pilgrim

A blog dedicated to posting funny snippets from Scott Pilgrim.